Microsoft removes more Aero from Windows 8, changes mouse pointer

The Windows 8 Metro layer is very different from the Aero theme that came with Windows Vista/7. Microsoft has been hard at work skinning the desktop elements to match more with the Metro layer of Windows 8. We’ve seen this in the Ribbon, Word, and Windows Explorer. Now they are moving to the mouse pointer.

As you can see in the image above the Aero themed “Busy” and “Working in Background” pointers have been swapped out for flatter icons. These are welcomed changes. Aero was all about gradients and gloss, while Metro is about being flat and sharp. It’s time to say goodbye to Aero.

[via Microsoft News]

  • Was expecting actual mouse pointer change rather than the wheel :)

  • Jacob_dagenais

    why not just use the dot loading animation you find on the welcome screen?