Win a Lumia 900 or Star Wars Kinect at the Best Buy “Behind the Tiles” Event

Early last month we told you about an event sponsored by Microsoft at select Best Buy stores across the nation. Today, the Behind the Tiles events are getting underway at these Best Buy locations, with prizes including the Lumia 900 and a special edition Star Wars Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle. These events are arranged to help bring attention to Windows Phones, as both the Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II will be available. At the events, participants will be able to:

  • Play with a Nokia Lumia 900 in our demo room
  • Use new Windows Phones, including the HTC TITAN II
  • Learn about “Metro” style design and the future with Windows Phone
  • Walk-away with a bag of Windows Phone branded gifts†
If you’re interested in checking out these events, you can register here.
[via WMPU]


  • Where do you get the RSVP code to register?

  • Hi Tim,

    Use the code “mscust” without the quotes to register.