Is this what next generation Windows Phone devices will look like?

What you’re looking at is the Samsung Galaxy S III, and HTC One X running Windows Phone. Not really, of course, both of these device run Android. Through the magic of Photoshop we can get a glimpse at the future of Windows Phone. If you compare Samsung and HTC’s Android lineup to their Windows Phone lineup you will see a lot of similarities. Both companies have said they are waiting for Apollo before they make another Windows Phone device. If the expectations for support of dual-core processors and high resolution screens come true these two devices will be perfect candidates for Apollo.

It’s easy to forget that Nokia isn’t the only¬†manufacture¬†that makes great hardware. HTC and Samsung are still juggernauts in mobile, and we should hope they get on board with Apollo. Would you be interested in these devices, or has Nokia stolen your heart?

  • Nice looking phones, but they look a lot like what is already on the market. Microsoft really needs to get behind their partners efforts and help them really push the envelope to come up with some cool, new, neat designs similar to what Nokia has done with the Lumia line. Putting WP on remakes of current Android devices won’t cut it.

  • Not true, it will be far easier to get more Windows Phones on the market if OEMS simply have to flash a diffrent rom, pushing the design envelope is for OEMS to do to compete with each other.

  • greatWindowsPhone

    How did you pin the battery life? I dream about that since a long time!

  • greatWindowsPhone

    When I saw the live unpacking of SIII I thought exactly the same I would like so much this SIII with Windows phone! it would be the perfect phone! I don’t know why Microsoft wait to produce new phone and wait WP8! due to this behavior they just loose a lot of sales!

  • HTCHomeboy

    Windows definitely waits too long to release stuff. I’m an all HTC guy and I have the arrive now. Great phone just a few minor annoyances. Can’t wait to see the next HTC with Windows phone 8!!!! =]