glƏƏk! Twitter client for Windows Phone updated, adds user color coding

One of the more unique Twitter clients for Windows Phone has received a nice update. glƏƏk! has been updated to version 1.5, and they’v added some nice features. First and foremost is the ability to color code your friends. For example, if there is one person whose tweets you especially enjoy you can give them a color so they are easy to spot in your timeline.

The other additions include ringtones that can be found in the Extras section, and some performance fixes. The developer also issued an announcement about glƏƏk! to WPCentral:

An issue has been located and subsequently fixed, but the update containing this solution is not going to be live for another handful of days. Should you encounter this issue, we ask that you simply ignore it for now until the patch is rolled out. The problem is when users attempt to save their accounts / settings while their Windows Phone is configured for a region that uses commas (“,”) for numerical separation / decimal marks.

Should you be using commas, instead of periods (“.”) in your region, you may wish to hold off on updating to version 1.5 until the patch is available. If you’ve already updated then it’s only a number of days before the fix will be heading for your Windows Phone – as a temporary fix, you can change your regional settings to work around the issue.

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    twicca has been using colours for a long time.

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    Twicca is an Android app.