Pinterest blocks API and breaks Windows Phone apps

If you’re an avid Pinterest user you may have noticed the absence of your favorite pinning app from the Marketplace. That’s because Pinterest has blocked 3rd-party access to their APIs. We’ve seen this happen with Pandora apps before, but never Pinterest. Apps have either been removed, or if they are still available you can view Pinterest without being logged in.

3rd party Pinterest apps are at more of a disadvantage than Pandora apps. With Pandora an unofficial API has been created that gives developers the tools they need. Pinterest on the other hand has totally blocked any access. This has broken apps across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. If developers are going to get their apps back up and running they are going to need to find some kind of loop hole. We wish them luck.

[via WPCentral]

  • Wonder if this is happening as they get ready to roll out an official app or something. Seems silly to force your userbase to go back to a computer to share something.