[Review] Dicota Hard Case for the Lumia 900

With the Lumia 900 just shy of a month old, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for any number of accessories we can get our hands on. Sadly, the ranks are looking rather thin in the way of docks and cases, but if you’re the industrious type you can build your own Lego dock. For cases, Dicota has you covered with two options in their hard shell case form factor: a stunning blue or a vivid purple.

My first impressions with the case were very positive, as the plastic they’re made from is very sturdy. I tried to bend it at each corner by putting pressure on the opposite and while there was a little give, it wasn’t anything that would be noticeable on the phone. Once I popped the phone into the case, it fit like a glove.

You can’t even tell in the image above, but the phone actually has the case on it. The fit is that snug, with plenty of room for the volume, power, and camera buttons. These buttons are just as easy to hit as if the case were not on the phone and since the case doesn’t feature a top or a bottom, I didn’t have to worry about the case obscuring the headphone jack or any other wonkiness that can sometimes happen with third-party products.

Once I saw how the case fits over the back of the Lumia 900, I was afraid that it would slip up or down, since there is no actual backing to the hardshell case. However, upon closer inspection I noticed a small lip that cradles the phone on the bottom to prevent this very occurrence  from happening.

While the cut and built quality of the case are great, I didn’t like how the case attracted fingerprints, especially considering the back of my black Lumia 900 does a much better job of showing no finger prints. As you can see in the above image, after only a few minutes of handling fingerprints are clearly visible all over the case. After a full day of use, you’ll find yourself needing to wipe the case down.

Aside from the appearance of fingerprints, my faith in the Dicota hardshell case as an impact absorber is rather limited. The case will do a great job of keeping the back of your phone from getting scratched up and will work with any screen protector you decide to use since it doesn’t cover any part of the screen. However, if you’re looking for a case that will help with hard impacts, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Overall, as a cosmetic case these two Dicota cases are great for those who enjoy the patterned blue and purple prints. They’re sharp and bring attention to your phone while keeping the back safe from scratches and other minor scuffs that happen from every day use. It’s not a heavy duty case like the Otterbox series, but for only $20 it’s a nice investment in keeping your phone clean and beautiful.

If you’re interested in picking up either the blue or the purple model Dicota hard case, you can find them available at Amazon here.


  • Good to see some support in the way of cases and whatnot for the Lumia line. Hopefully this will pick up as it becomes apparent they are selling well.

  • RavageFighter

    Very nice case…it will definitely help protect the phone if you drop it on one of its corners.