DisplayMate names the Lumia 900 as having the best outdoor viewable display on the market

Nokia likes to talk about their “ClearBlack” screen technology a lot. So much that some of you probably wondered if it’s just a marketing term. At first glance it seems the Lumia 900 (and other Nokia devices) have the same AMOLED screen as the Samsung Galaxy series, but that’s only half true.

The Lumia 900 does indeed have an AMOLED screen, but Nokia has also done some work to make it even better. The Lumia 900 went up against the likes of the Galaxy S, iPhone, and Droid X in a display comparison. DisplayMate had this to say about the test:

The DisplayMate Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light for the displays ranges from a low of 15 (HTC Desire) to a high of 90 (Nokia Lumia 900). From both the Lab Measurements and the Screen Shot Viewing Tests the top performing device for display viewability under Bright Ambient Lighting is the Nokia Lumia 900. This results from a combination of its high screen Brightness and low screen Reflectance, which Nokia calls ClearBlack technology. The Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone 4 are tied for second place.

We love what Nokia is trying to do with the ClearBlack display. Everyone else seems to be working on higher definition, and more pixels per inch, but what good is that if you can’t read an email outside?

[via DisplayMate]

  • Congrats to WP and Nokia! That’s a big deal… I hate how long the auto-brightness takes to adjust outdoors on my Android handset. And even at its brightest it can still be a struggle to see stuff.