Microsoft wants the Facebook Phone to run Windows Phone

Ah, the Facebook Phone, a rumor that seems to come around every year. If you thought the HTC Status would end the rumors of a Facebook device you were wrong. According to rumors Facebook is still interested in developing a mobile phone, and Microsoft wants Windows Phone to be on it.

Microsoft and Facebook have a very good relationship. Microsoft owns 1.6% of Facebook, and they’ve worked together on various projects. The most notable combination of their powers is Bing being the exculsive search engine for Facebook. There are several alleged reasons why Microsoft is pushing to get Windows Phone on the Facebook Phone:

  • Some of the appeal is being able to drive mobile traffic to Microsoft’s online properties, particularly Bing.
  • Microsoft’s grandest desire is deep penetration in mobile that will allow it to someday offer consumers an NFC-powered payments product.
  • Microsoft wants to do something like PayPal, but in the physical world. It wants to get there before Google figures out how to fix Google Wallet.
  • Microsoft is not particularly interested in the concept of location-based advertising.

Windows Phone already has great Facebook integration. Would you be interested in a device with even more Facebook?

[via ZDNet]

  • I’d really like to get further and further away from Facebook if I could. But it seems like people are there to stay. So I guess I am too.