Windows Phone Shipments Set to Surpass BlackBerry in Asia by 2014

One of Microsoft’s strategies in hoping to establish the Windows Phone ecosystem is horning in on the jump from feature phone to smartphone that is still taking place in Asia and many other developing countries. Currently Android is king of the market as handsets are cheap to produce and easy to manufacture for the bottom line.

With manufacturers such as ZTE and HTC at the ready, Windows Phone shipments for the Asia-Pacific region are scheduled to overtake BlackBerry by the end of 2014. The current marketshare leader is of course Android, with nearly 80 million units shipped, followed by iPhone, with only 44 million units shipped in the same period. Windows Phone shipments will only reach around 10 million by the end of 2012, but within the next two years, analysts expect to see significant growth for the platform.

[via: TelecomLead]

  • If they weren’t set to overtake BB, I would be really worried. In fact, 2014 seems a bit far considering how backwards minded BB is at the moment. With Win8 out this year, I’d hope to see Windows Phone shares jump and shoot past BB well before 2014 rolls around.