ZTE bringing Windows Phone device to the U.S. by years end

ZTE isn’t big in the Windows ecosystem, or any ecosystem for that matter. They currently have two Windows Phone devices: the Tania and Orbit. Those devices are only available in the UK and China, but ZTE is trying to break into the US market.

Early on Microsoft restricted the Windows Phone device limits to high end specs, which alienated ZTE who works mainly in the budget realm. Now with Tango ZTE can join the Windows Phone party as they have with the Tango powered ZTE Orbit. Lixin Cheng, Head of North American business for ZTE, says they will have Windows Phone devices in the US by year end.

[via CNET]

  • Good to see others pushing WP! Hopefully they can make it here and have some real impact in that budget space. Having a WP device on Boost or Virgin or any other pay-as-you-go kinda network would be killer.