HTC now charging for turn-by-turn navigation in Locations app

HTC’s Location app just recently added offline navigation to it’s arsenal to compete with Nokia Drive. Having used both Drive and Locations I can say they were both fairly good, but now Drive is the clear winner. That’s because HTC is putting a price tag on using the turn-by-turn navigation in the Locations app.

next time you open the app you will be greeted with the option to purchase a license to use maps. The pricing is $4.99 for 30 days, $19.99 for a year, and $29.99 unlimited. All of North America will cost you $9.99 for the month, $39.99 for 365 days, and $49.99 unlimited. Europe will cost €49.99 and €39.99 for Eastern Europe.

Nokia Drive is clearly better now, but the problem is you need a Lumia device. Unfortunately that means a lot of you won’t be using Locations anymore. What do you think of this change?

[via WPCentral

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