Lenovo Hoping to Release Windows 8 Business Tablet in Next 12 Months

Early last month we told you Lenovo wanted to be the first out of the gate with a Windows 8 tablet. Peter Hortensius, the president of Lenovo’s product group is ready to elaborate on that statement, saying:

 “We’re seeing a lot of enterprise users carry a tablet, a phone and a notebook. And there isn’t a good reason for why they should have to carry all three.”

He says the design of the Lenovo Windows 8 business tablet will be very similar to the pictured IdeaPad Yoga tablet, which debuted at CES in January of this year. The product is a hybrid tablet/notebook that can be used as either, similar to the Asus Transformer Prime, though the dock is on swiveled hinges rather than completely detachable.

If Lenovo were to offer the IdeaPad Yoga within the next few months, would you hop on board, if the price point were right?

[via Neowin]