Grow for Windows Phone Review [Video]

A couple weeks ago a game called Grow made it’s way from Android to the Windows Phone Marketplace. You’ve probably played a game similar to Grow before, which means you know how addicting it can be. You play the role of a fish still in its egg. As you move around and eat fish you eventually hatch and continue to, you guessed it, grow.

There are two modes to play: adventure and survival. Adventure mode will remind you of Angry Birds. Each level consists of numerous stages, pass all the stages with enough stars and you pass the level. Getting enough stars depends on how quickly you consume all the other fish, and how many coins you collect. With those coins you can purchase power ups to help you win levels faster.

The game play is very smooth and the graphics are cute and colorful. We love the flexibility the game has for controlling the fish. You can choose from tilt, direction pad, and finger drag controls. We had a lot of fun playing with Grow, and we can’t wait to try and beat all the levels. Grow is $1.99 with a free trial.


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