Windows Phone marketplace being rebranded as “Nokia Marketplace” on Lumia devices

We know that Microsoft and Nokia are tight buddies, but just how close is the relationship? Apparently pretty close, because Lumia devices are getting the Windows Phone Marketplace rebranded as the “Nokia Marketplace” in the tango update. The new name replaces the old “Nokia Collection,” but also comes with a new icon for the Windows Phone Marketplace. As you can see in the image above a new bag icon with a “n” has replaced the old Windows icon.

This is a sign that Nokia is trying to¬†further¬†distinguish themselves as not just another Windows Phone vendor. They are trying to make it their own expirience without really mentioning Microsoft of Windows Phone. That approach may actually work, seeing as how the “Windows” name has negative connotations to some people.

[via WPCentral]

  • Although I’m sure it won’t impact what is on there or anything, I hate the idea of it having a different name on their devices. Microsoft (finally) seems to be moving in a good direction where they are rebranding their stuff under simpler, tied-together names. This is in direct contrast to that.