Xbox LIVE: Monster Island Updated & Back on the Marketplace

When Monster Island launched a month ago on the Xbox Live Marketplace, it was a great alternative to Angry Birds while still maintaining the same gameplay aspects. It was unique, quirky, and funny, but as WPCentral pointed out, the game contained an achievement that forced players to spend an extra three dollars in order to 100% the game. Microsoft quickly removed the game once it discovered this flaw and now the game is back with restructured achievements.

Existing users can now update Monster Island to the 1.1 version, where the Big Spender achievement has been changed, as well as adjustments to two other achievements.

New Achievements:

  • Curiosity Killed Monsters: Earned 750 coins and spent them on a new character in the Monster Island store!
  • Keep ‘em coming: Earned 1500 Coins and spent them on solutions in the Monster Island store!
  • Big Spender: Earned a total of 2500 coins and spent them in the Monster Island store!

This update completely removes an achievement incentive to purchase items, which helps the game avoid the look of being a cash-farm pay to win game that Microsoft definitely wants to avoid by tying Xbox LIVE achievements in with the Windows Phone platform.

The only downside of this update is that the game is still only available in the US Marketplace, despite Miniclip being a Swedish game developer.


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