Achievement Hunter Outs Mirror’s Edge, Battleship, and Fling for Xbox LIVE Games

For those of you eagerly awaiting new Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games, I’ve got some good news. likes to dig around and discover achievement lists for games before release and this time the great folks have found achievements for three Windows Phone games.

These three games include Battleship and Mirror’s Edge from EA, and Fling from Miniclip. If you’re curious about Mirror’s Edge, it’s a 3D running platformer game that takes place in a futuristic city where information in conveyed in the underground by people called runners. You play a runner known as Faith. The other two are pretty standard games, however the achievement discoverer does note that the two Electronic Arts games are expected to be timed Nokia exclusives for awhile.


  • Mirrors Edge on a phone? Sounds crazy… but I like it.