SoundHound Update Includes LiveLyrics Support for North American Users

The popular music ID app SoundHound has finally gotten an update for Windows Phone users. The app works similarly to Bing music ID in that it listens to music playing and then tells you the artist and the name of the song. The app now includes support for LiveLyrics, which sees the lyrics scrolled on the screen similar to karaoke players.

The only down side to this update is that our international friends are out of luck, as the update is available for US and Canadian Windows Phone users only. For those of you in North America who want to check out the latest update, you can download it by hitting the button below. We’ll keep you up to date if anything changes ┬áin regards to regional availability.

  • For some reason, I’ve never had good luck at using SoundHoud. I try it occasionally, but Shazaam always works better/quicker at giving me a result. *shrug*

    Good to hear they are supporting WP though!