YouTube Pro is no more, SuperTube rises to the occasion

Microsoft has been hard at work removing any apps that infringe on copyrighted names. YouTube Pro was an obvious offender of this, along with some other Google-y apps. YouTube Pro has been removed from the Marketplace, but SuperTube has risen to replace it.

SuperTube is developed by the same people that made YouTube Pro, and it’s a nearly identical app. The only difference is that for a limited time the app will be free! The app has also been recently updated to add several new features listed below:

  • Lift restrictions of trial version on downloading and syncing videos
  • New Metro design
  • New channels page
  • New channel and message live tile. The front of channel tile will show the numbers of new videos. The back will show thumbnail of the newest video.
  • Add the subscription page after sign in on the main page
  • Fix bugs

This is a great option for filling that YouTube void on Windows Phone. Grab it for free here!

[via WPCentral]

  • richandwhite

    Note that there’s a lite version and the regular version has “Free Try” printed across the top. It’s safe to assume that the premium app is free for a limited time to get some positive reviews. Get it while it’s hot.