Baidu’s New Android Phone Looks a Lot Like Lumia

The Google of China has decided to dip its toes into the smartphone market and we’re thinking it looks a lot like Nokia’s famous Lumia 800/900 phones. Baidu has launched a smartphone that runs a forked version of Android in order to serve up Chinese citizens with apps for its numerous services, similar to what Google has done with Android in the rest of the world. In addition to apps and services, Baidu is providing those who own the smartphone with 100GB of free storage. Sounds very familiar, hm?

While the phone itself looks like a cheap knock-off of Nokia’s design, the actual specs are pretty low-end for today’s market. It has a 3.5″ screen with no details on whether it’s capacitive or resistive, a 3MP camera and 3G connectivity.

Perhaps most interesting to note is that Baidu spokesperson Kaiser Kuo says that the company is hoping to bring its cloud platform to Windows Phone and iOS at some point.

“We want Baidu’s Cloud Smart Terminal to function as a platform that sits on top of all operating systems, such as Windows Phone and iOS. We are not yet working on a Windows Phone device but the hope is to make one.”

It sounds to me like Baidu is trying to capture the market for those who own authentic Windows Phone devices, with the hopes that Microsoft may open up in the future to another handset manufacturer having the Windows logo on their devices.

[via CNET]