The iPhone has Samuel L. Jackson, the Lumia has Andy Dick

The iPhone is running commercials with big name stars like Zooey Deschanel and Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson, but who does the Lumia 900 get? Andy Dick. That’s right, the star known for…um, NewsRadio loves his white Nokia Lumia 900. He likes it so much that he tweeted about the phone, his white Monster ear buds, and Slacker Radio.

We’re being a little hard on Mr. Dick, but the truth is it’s nice to see he likes the Lumia. Samuel L. Jackson may star in the iPhone commercial, but does he use it and tweet about it in his daily life? It would be nice to get some bigger celebrities on board, but we’re glad to have Andy Dick.

[via Twitter]

  • Why Microsoft even paid Andy Dick is beyond me. Not only do most people not like him, but all his ensuing tweets came from iOS. I mean,if you’re going to shamelessly sell your soul, you could at least be a little more convincing. Ugh, I hate Andy Dick.

  • A lot of celebs have more than one phone, and it takes a while to migrate from platform to platform. GIve it time. A lot of other celebs tweeting about Lumia too!