Windows Phone Facebook Users Hovers Under 2 Million

We reported earlier today that a marketshare research firm confirmed growth of the Windows Phone platform in the United States by as much as 3-4%. Facebook integration seems to confirm this, as 1.9 million users have been noted today. Only 20 days have passed since the previous 100,000 milestone at 1.8 million, which shows that growth is being achieved at a steady pace.

According to WMPU, around 3.2 million Windows Phones have been sold in Q2 of this year, but this number does not include Chinese Tango phones since they do not have Facebook integration built in. If this marketshare uptick continues, it’s likely that Windows Phone could see a marketshare of anywhere between 5-10% before the end of the year.

Hopefully app developers will see this sharp rise in the number of Windows Phones in the wild and move to bring their apps to this burgeoning ecosystem before third parties beat them out. We’re looking at you, Pandora.



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