Windows Phone Marketshare up 3-4%, May Have Overtaken BlackBerry

Kantar WorldPanel has released marketshare statistics for the past 12 weeks, which shows significant growth for the Windows Phone platform across 7 major markets. This is excellent news for both Nokia and Microsoft, as the success of the platform hinged on the success of the Lumia 900 here in the United States.

Five of the major markets now show a 3-4% increase, including Britain, Italy, France, Germany, and the United States. Germany had the most growth, with nearly 6% marketshare from year to year.

This major jump in growth has positioned Windows Phone ahead of BlackBerry, which saw major losses in marketshare and dropped from nearly 9% down to just 3%. This massive drop puts Windows Phone ahead or poised to take the lead from the failing company.  As far as predictions for the direction of the platform, Kantar says that Windows Phone marketshare could reach as high as 10% in Europe before the end of the year with no predictions made for the United States.


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