Are you tired of the Lumia 900/800 design?

The Nokia Lumia 800 was revealed a little over 7 months ago. The design blew many people away, and gave people hope that innovative design wasn’t dead. Three months later the Lumia 900 was revealed. This bigger, LTE enabled version kept the same design as the Lumia 800. It also blew people away, and won over a lot of critics just on design alone. The design of the 800/900 has already become iconic in its short life. Maybe too iconic.

Every time a new Nokia tablet render surface it just looks like a stretched out Lumia 900. Same rounded poly-carbonite body, same camera design, same buttons, and same colors. Don’t get me wrong, the Lumia 800/900 is an absolutely gorgeous device. Not many phones can make people switch to a new OS just because they look hot. I can’t help but be excited for what Nokia designs next. If they truly do make a Windows 8 tablet I don’t just want a big Lumia 900, I want a unique Nokia device.

What about you? Has the Lumia 800/900 design been used enough? Are you ready for something new? Let us know in the comments!

  • GillySqueeze

    im just tried of people making renders of tables with the same design like that’s all the ideas they have

  • ranjeet

    Great design never looked tiring always look refreshing…

  • While I do like the design, I hope Nokia has another nice design for Windows 8. I am hopeful that they will not follow Apple and make a 900 tablet. I remember when the iPad design was leaked nearly everyone complained it was just a big iPhone.

  • No, not sick of it at all, especially the 800. Sure the 900 has better specs, but the curved glass on the 800 makes the 800 the better designed phone.