Bing’s New Social Interface Now Available

Microsoft has been in the process of making Bing more social for a few months now, most likely to contend with what Google is doing with Google+ and other social networks. The result is what you see above, and it’s quite interesting. As you can see, a simple search for the phrase “Windows Phone” returns Paul Thurrott’s Twitter account on the right hand column, with his past few tweets.

It’s an interesting approach to integrating social networking with searching, since many times companies often have Twitter accounts that relay information faster than their websites, which tend to be static versus dynamic. I tested the new layout with a few other searches for companies that I knew had a presence on Twitter and the results were pretty lackluster. Perhaps the one really neat feature in this new update is the ability to post directly to Facebook from the column about whatever search you were performing.

If you’re keen on getting the new look and testing it out yourself, you’ll have to visit since currently the new form of search is opt-in, unlike Google’s approach.

[via The Verge]

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