Bullet Asylum is the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week

Remember Missile Defense from the Atari? Yeah? Did you enjoy playing it? Well stop what you’re doing right now and go download Bullet Asylum on your phone for $1.99. Seriously. It’s awesome.

For those of you who don’t know what Missile Defense is, it’s sort of the earliest take on tower defense. You have aliens raining down from the sky and you must defend the cities below with your turrets. Bullet Asylum is a modern take on the game that takes advantage of multi-touch to allow you to fire all your weapons at once, or split between two locations with a dual tap.

For those who played Missile Defense on their Atari 2600s, it’s a delightful remake of a classic game with a few new twists. Those who have never played the simplistic Missile Defense might find the gameplay in Bullet Asylum to be a bit slow. Still, for $1.99 it’s definitely worth an hour or two of time wasted.


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