This is why Pandora won’t make a Windows Phone app

There’s been a lot of drama going on about Pandora ever since they made a few statements earlier this week about Windows Phone, you can check that out here. Basically they said 3rd party apps are breaking the terms of use, and they don’t have plans for an app. A lot of people are wondering why Pandora has apps for Blackberry and WinMo, but not Windows Phone. It turns out that a month ago a somewhat reliable source explained why there isn’t a Pandora app.

Pandora’s initial problem was the same as what Rovio had with Microsoft. i.e. Microsoft jumped the gun by name-dropping Pandora before they had officially committed to developing for Windows Phone.

They now also believe that Windows Phone needs to gain a significant share of the market in order for them to justify supporting the platform. c.f. Pandora does support the Blackberry platform. (However, it is notable that Pandora supports both WebOS & Windows Mobile even today.)

Finally, there is a technical issue involved as well. Initially, Pandora stated they needed access to a background audio API before they’d publish a WP app. Then, once it was added, they realized that the WP Marketplace certification requirements state that the background-player controls may not display ads, which Pandora does not agree with as they believe this would either cut into their free-tier revenues or prevent them from offering the free-tier on WP.

This comes from MSNerd, a prolific Microsoft news leaker. His reasons make a lot of sense. Pandora is a free service that relies on playing ads with the streaming music, if they can’t do that what is the incentive to build an app? The blame should be placed on Microsoft for not making this available for Pandora.

[via Reddit]

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