Verizon Killing Grandfathered Unlimited Plans for Users

While the only Windows Phone that remains on Verizon is the HTC Trophy, with news that Verizon is considering Windows 8 phones, the current plan to kill grandfathered unlimited plans could effect a few of you who have remained steadfast with the Big Red.

CFO Fran Shammo has stated that the $30 unlimited plans that were available up until last July will be going the way of the dodo as customers migrate to 4G LTE, meaning those who purchase 4G LTE phones will have to join the data-share plan, which will launch this summer. According to Shammo, “Everyone will be on data share.”

Customers will undoubtedly be upset about this change, as further wording from Shammo indicates that the move is designed to create more revenue for Verizon rather than catering to customers needs. Are you on Verizon and have unlimited? Let us know how this affects you in the comments.

[via FierceWireless]


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