Microsoft is developing a service to migrate all your Android/iOS apps to a new Windows Phone

So you want to switch to Windows Phone but you have all these apps on your iPhone or Android that you don’t want to lose? This is a problem a lot of people have in the age of ecosystems. Every company wants to lock you in to their walled garden. They make it very difficult for you to move to another platform.

Microsoft is aware of this problem, and they are working on a service that could make switching to Windows Phone very painless. In a 2010 patent Microsoft outlines a tool that would analyze the apps on your Android or iPhone and then find the Windows Phone equivalents and download them for you. If the app doesn’t exist it will show you an alternative or notify you when the app is available. The service could even go as far as grabbing your app data, like progress in games, and sync that to your new phone.

If Microsoft could ever pull this off it would be a game changer. Are we going to see this in Windows Phone 8? Probably not, but it’s cool to know that Microsoft thinks about this stuff.

[via WMPU]

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