Mehdoh 2.0 brings Twitter lists, Instagram account support, and more

There are a wide range of Twitter apps available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, and Mehdoh (pronounced “meadow”) is another excellent choice. The app has been updated to version 2.0 today with some very nice features.

The biggest new feature is support for multiple Twitter accounts. This will make power users very happy. Another feature for the heavy Twitter user is support for lists. You can also now sign in to your Instagram account and add your photo stream as a tab. Below is the list of new features.

  • streaming
  • twitter lists
  • customisable layout
  • multiple twitter account support
  • instagram account support
  • show retweets
  • photo timeline
  • too much more to list! (and a cheeky Easter Egg tucked away in there somewhere)

This looks like an excellent update! You can grab Mehdoh from the marketplace for free. Version 2.0 is rolling out now.


  • the guys over there at mehdoh do a fantastic job getting things ppl ask for.

  • A feature that I’d like to see on all integrated twitter/facebook/instagram/foursquare apps is that when someone makes the same post to multiple clients, I won’t see the post showing up multiple times in my feed.