Windows Phone Commands 7% of the Chinese Mobile Market

It seems the push for Tango and less expensive hardware has done well for Microsoft in China, as Michel van der Bel, the COO of China revealed that the company now commands 7% of the mobile market. While that might not sound much to you, consider that the iPhone only commands 6% and you realize just how well Windows Phone is doing in China.

Microsoft has an uphill battle to fight against Android, which currently dominates the Chinese market at more than 69% share. That’s much larger than compared to the United States, but considering that Microsoft was able to grab 7% of the market in just a few short months really speaks to the operating system’s strengths.

At CES we played around with some of the Windows Phone handsets that were scheduled to be released in China such as ZTE’s Tania and Fujitsu’s water-proof Windows Phone. They were all solid builds so it’s no wonder the ecosystem is gaining traction. Windows Phone has no where to go but up from here.

[via Neowin]


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