Aero Glass Dropped for Windows 8

Microsoft has finally revealed a few big changes for it’s desktop interface in Windows 8, with the most noticeable change being moving away from the Aero Glass interface that was introduced in Vista. The desktop loses most gradients, removes reflections, and flattens surfaces which appears very reminiscent of the resdesign of Google’s major websites.

Microsoft doesn’t appear to be too concerned about the backlash that’s sure to happen from the changes, since the company says the new look is more sleek and should increase learnability for new users.

 “We will help people get off on the right foot and we have confidence that people will quickly find the new paradigms to be second-nature.”

The release preview of Windows 8 is scheduled to launch some time next month, so we should see more information about the coming changes as the week marches forward.

[via The Verge]

  • I like the look of Aero, but its probably good to get away from it. It uses extra power that is really kinda stupid to have being used for that effect.

  • aurelian_squier