Microsoft Says 90% of First Gen Sales Were Samsung Focus

While we’re all rubbing our hands together waiting for Nokia to release official sale numbers for the Lumia 900, Daniel Smith of Microsoft has revealed interesting numbers concerning the adoption of first-gen handsets. Excluding the Dell Venue Pro, our three major contenders were the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and the HTC Surround.

Of those three, the Samsung Focus was responsible for around 90% of sales, while the LG Quantum sold only 8% and the HTC Surround garnered only 2% of the market. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the other handsets that are available on other carriers such as Verizon with the HTC Trophy and T-Mobile with the HTC HD7. Still, it’s interesting to note that AT&T customers seemed to gravitate toward the Samsung offering moreso than any other phone.

[via WPCentral]


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