What Does Paul Thurrott Think of Windows 8?

“Windows 8 isn’t even Windows anymore. It’s a tablet OS that’s been grafted onto Windows like a monstrous Frankenstein experiment.”

Mr. Thurrott is displeased with the design that we unveiled earlier this morning and his reasoning is that Microsoft is abandoning the Desktop PC user. He mentions a bit of hypocrisy coming from the original Microsoft post that stated Aero was designed to highlight the content it displayed, while the new Metro user interface doesn’t perform the same function.

Do I feel weird about this? Sure. I’m a dinosaur driving a desktop PC that Microsoft doesn’t really care about anymore. Heck, I just bought a new desktop computer. It’s like I didn’t get the memo. Message received.

[via WinSuperSite]


  • welcome to 2012. Times are changing. I havent had a desktop computer in a few years. I’ll be glad when Windows 8 tablets get released and I can ditch my laptop.

  • He is a hater, all his posts are negative now

  • As history has shown time and time again, people always feel left behind when a paradigm shift takes place. They will either adapt or cling fool-heartedly to their old ways until they have all died and no one remembers why anyone wanted things like that to begin with.

    The full-integration of touch based designs is here to stay and will only get cooler from here.