Birdsong is not dead, version 1.7 coming soon

Birdsong was one of the best Twitter apps in the old days, but it hasn’t seen much love ever since its mango update. There was a nasty bug that didn’t let users log in, and many people thought the app had become abandon-ware. Red Badger, the devs behind Birdsong, have not aboned the app. On their official blog they have outlined new features for the upcoming version 1.7.

They have added a trends tab for easy access to see what’s popular. They have revamped the search feature, and added saved searches. Saved searches will be saved to your Twitter profile, not just the app itself. Birdsong will support Twitter’s photo service, as well as gzip now too.

There are a few big fixes as well which should fix many of the issues people have been having. It’s really good to see one of the best Twitter apps of old have some new life.

[via WPCentral]

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