What’s up with the live tile behavior in this Lumia 900 ad? [Video]

In a Nokia Lumia 900 ad that has shown up on around the web some oddities have been noticed. The live tiles in the ad are not acting like any live tiles we’ve seen. Check out the screencast above to see what we mean.

The first thing that’s odd is the People Hub tile. A section of the tile flips to show some text that says “meet up with Sarah.” This is strange because the People Hub is supposed to just cycle through contact photos, it never shows any text.

The Photos tile also acts strangely. In the ad it splits in half, one side showing recent photos, and the other showing a number count of the photos. Normally the photo tile just slowly pans through your photos marked “favorite.”

So is this a peek at some new functionality? We tend to believe that this is just the case of some marketing mishap. If you look at the Me Tile you’ll see it flips to show the notification instead of a slide reveal. This shows that they were just taking the simple approach and not focusing on detail.

[via WPCentral]

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