Steve Ballmer Says Windows 8 is a Rebirth for Microsoft

Steve Ballmer seems confident in the success of Windows 8. So confident in fact, that he estimated that 400 to 500 million users would make the switch to the new operating system. Calling the redesign the “dawning of the rebirth of Microsoft Windows”, Ballmer obviously has much praise for Windows.

It’s hard to put stock in his words when very ┬ánearly these same things were said in praise for Windows Vista and we see how well that has turned out. Microsoft has a track record of putting out a not so great operating system followed by a major update that fixes all of the problems from the previous version. We saw it with Windows ME leading into XP and again with Windows Vista leading into Windows 7. How well Windows 8 will do in the consumer market remains to be seen.

[via The Verge]

  • If it’s priced competitively, then I could see a big jump in the adoption rate… but if it’s priced like Windows7 was, then he is crazier than I thought.