Visualized: Windows Phone 8 screenshots, this time in color

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A couple days ago we got a glimpse at some mock-ups of what Windows Phone 8 might look like. The mock-ups looked like they were drawn on a napkin, so we decided to see what they might look like in reality. We’ve created renders of the Start screen, multitasking view, volume controls, and folders based on the leaked design.

We must say it looks pretty cluttered. The one thing we love is the quick controls in the multitasking view. It’s still uncertain if these have any truth behind them, but for now it’s fun to imagine.

Do you want Windows Phone 8 to look like this?

  • honestly that screenshot made my head hurt.

  • Why’s that?

  • I’m not entirely sure I like this concept. It seems to cluttered for the WP environment which prides itself on simplicity. I especially do not like how the folder concept is handled in this render… I’d prefer to tap a folder and have it fill my screen and use the back arrow or an X icon to return to my main menu. That or I just don’t like how the floating folder box was executed in the render.

    I also don’t get the history/pinned separation… I’d rather my pinned apps sit at the top with an option to jump to a screen with history related info.

  • it looks too busy. I like the current simple layout we have now.

  • Exactly. It looks like a fucking mess.

  • bigjaydogg

    The battery bit at the bottom of the task switcher would be nice, as would the notifications/schedule bar up top.

    Beside those two things, I much prefer WP as we know it.

  • Those visible icons in the top are probably just an example and don’t appear all at the same time. Like location access, wifi, etc.

  • neonspark

    reminds me of android.

  • Urvansh

    Yes Paras. Yes