A Look at Dell’s First Windows 8 Tablet, the Latitude 10

As October draws closer, we’re seeing more and more manufacturer’s talk about their plans for Windows 8 tablet devices. Both Lenovo and Dell have been enthusiastic about the new iteration of Windows, but Neowin recently ran across specs for what Dell is calling the Latitude 10.

Perhaps the two most interesting features for the tablet is a 128GB SSD and a removable battery that offers two different options. The smaller battery is described as getting 6 to 8 hours of life, while the larger battery can provide up to 12 hours. The fingerprint reader is also an interesting choice setting this spec sheet apart from what’s available in the tablet market right now.

Currently there is no word available on pricing or availability, but we’re assuming a fall release around November would make sense since Windows 8 is expected to launch some time in October. Given this spec sheet, would you purchase this device if it were offered at a reasonable price? What’s reasonable to you?



  • That’s a cgi tablet, just like wp7 phone that MS uses

    Most specs are from win requirements page, etc. Fake

  • A-Type

    As a matter of fact that looks very similar to the Metro Emulator in Visual Studio 11, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.