Windows Phone Twitter Apps Showdown [Video]

There are many Twitter apps to choose from in the Marketplace, but some of them are hard to find. We’ve compiled a list of six Twitter apps, some well known and some not, to compete against each other in a showdown. Only one app can come out victorious. In the process you might just find a new favorite Twitter app. Push play above to find out which Twitter app reigns supreme.

Marketplace links to apps shown in video:

P.S. Sorry for fuzziness in the audio. Next time I won’t hold the mic so close.

  • amymax

    Gleek rocks! not sure how you got Mehdoh as the best one…gleek offers a ton of sutff.

  • Codesmith

    Great overview! Since you were so enthusiastic about glƏƏk! we’ll forgive you for neglecting to mention that glƏƏk! is the was the FIRST Twitter app for Windows Phone to have User/App Mutes, and the ONLY one with Scheduled Mutes and User Color Coding! Great walkthrough. #winsourcerocks

  • Hey guys! Twabbit dev here.. A few things need mentioning here..

    Twabbit has live tiles, but you need to pin it from “Interactions”.. We have made that to accommodate multiple account live tiles..
    Also, Twabbit has the much required “Mute” feature that has roughly the same options as Carbon..
    Also, our app is very new, so thanks a lot for featuring it here(Although I am sad you didn’t show Rowi here, much deserved), and we are very glad that you love the gestures :-)
    We(as an app) are very young and hope to improve in leaps and bounds in the subsequent versions :-)

    Please do contact us at @twabbitapp for any queries related to the app, cheers! :)

  • NH3MAN

    Mehdoh is the best WP twitter app with Carbon and GLEEK just a hair behind.

  • Codesmith

    If you reverse those two, we agree as well. :)

  • Brandon

    Missed MoTweets. But I am very much liking Mehdoh

  • DigitallyBorn

    Forgot Rowi.

  • theprawn

    Rowi is great, neck and neck with Mehdoh for my favorite. It’s quick, has great live tile support, has integrated Aviary image editing and (my favorite new feature) tweetmarker support.

  • If it weren’t for the Instagram support, I would definitely say that Carbon shoulda won. Loved it on webOS, can’t wait for it to hit Android, and jealous of WP for getting it first.

    Cool idea for a video though! I’d love to see more like this for other apps like Internet Radio, Social feeds, news, etc.

  • honestly leaving Rowi out of this list is a huge mistake. i would have skipped the official Twitter app and reviewed Rowi instead. Its probably the fastest out of all the ones you mentioned.

    I have most twitter apps and use Mehdoh, Gleek and Rowi, depending on my mood.

  • They missed out one of the best gleek! features… the colour-coding. gleek! would get my vote but Carbon and Mehdoh 2 very close behind. And yes, Rowi should have been included.