Bing Transition to Nokia Traffic & Geocoding Now Complete

Back in February, we reported that the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia would go a little deeper with Nokia providing map data for Bing. A few days ago we reported that Bing maps were now updated to provide traffic information for users, which is a handy feature for anyone trying to find the shortest route to their given destination. It turns out that this data is being supplied to Bing through Nokia, as announced on their blog today.

People in nearly all these countries will also be able to find out about incidents that might disrupt their journeys. Also, the traffic information in the US that was already available on Bing Maps now includes side streets.

This partnership brings Bing’s real-time mapping service further into competition with Google Maps and adequately so. Nokia’s Traffic apps on Windows Phone have proven useful time and time again and the service will only improve as the company expands its reach across the globe. It’s always nice to see two companies working together so wholly that the two achieve a level of symbiosis.

[via Neowin]

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