Memorial Day Weekend App Pack

The last Monday of May each year in America is Memorial Day. It’s a day where we remember those who have died protecting our country, but we also get outdoors, grill up some burgers, and enjoy the weather. Think of it like 4th of July Lite. When you’re out and about this weekend you’ll need a few apps to make things more fun. Check out these five Memorial Day weekend apps.

National Geographic Park Maps

If you plan on getting outdoors and doing some hiking this weekend you should probably bring a map. Park Maps by National Geographic has fully illustrated trail maps for the top 15 US national parks.


Camp Recipes

If camping is more you’re style you will be needing some delicious recipes to cook up. Camp Recipes has over 700 tasty meals organized for whatever mood you’re in. And if you’re really out in the wilderness it doesn’t need a data connection.


Cocktail Flow

What goes good with grilled food? An ice cold adult beverage, if you’re 21 of course. The makers of Weather Flow have a truly¬†beautiful¬†app that will find the best cocktail with the ingredients you have on hand.


TuneIn Radio

When you’re outside grilling with your buddies you are going to need some tunes to rock out with. TuneIn Radio has all your local radio stations, plus many, many more to choose from. You will find something for everyone to sing along with.


Local Scout

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Just press the Bing Search button on your phone and go to Local Scout. In the See+Do section you can see a list of things that are happening in your area.

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