News Assembled! for May 21-27

Unless you’re an advanced alien species from another planet or a genius robot you probably missed a few news stories this week. That’s okay, we realize there is a lot that happens in just 7 days. That’s why we’ve assembled the best news from the last week right here for you. Featured stories, original content, and the best of the rest all in one place. Enjoy!

Original Content

Memorial Day Weekend App Pack

Windows Phone Twitter Apps Showdown [Video]

Visualized: Windows Phone 8 screenshots, this time in color


What’s up with the live tile behavior in this Lumia 900 ad? [Video]

Is this a first look at Windows Phone 8 Apollo?

Best of the Rest

A Look at Dell’s First Windows 8 Tablet, the Latitude 10

A new device called Nokia Phi shows up on WP Bench with Windows Phone 8

Steve Ballmer Says Windows 8 is a Rebirth for Microsoft

Birdsong is not dead, version 1.7 coming soon

Aero Glass Dropped for Windows 8

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