BBC: “About that Windows Phone iPlayer app…”

We’ve been tracking the BBC iPlayer app for a while now, and over the weekend it was “confirmed” to be right around the corner.¬†Unfortunately¬†the BBC has quite a different story. This is what they had to say to Pocket-Lint:

“We are always looking at new and existing platforms to bring BBC iPlayer to, but have no plans to launch a BBC iPlayer native app in Windows Phone Marketplace in the immediate future.”

That’s a major bummer. Official app support has really picked up in the last couple weeks, so hopefully the BBC will come around sooner rather than later. A little help from Windows Phone fans never hurt…hint hint.

  • idlelimey

    I suppose they have to consider market share given they’re a public funded organisation. My god, I’m defending the BBC! I need a lie down…

  • Would be great if they did release it for the WP7 (or above, when available), but I would’nt bank my hopes. I managed to get it working on my Nokia N95 8Gb, but have since had a Nokia E72, C6 and now Lumia 800, but the E72 and C6 never received the iplayer app. Odd considering they both used the Symbian system and other phones using the same OS had the app. working on them. Looks like the BBC seem to place checks in their app. and if your phone is not in the list contained in the app. you’ve got no chance, whether your phones capable or not.
    Come on BBC, the resources and money you have, small mobile apps. should be created in weeks and not one modern device left out.