Windows 7 to 8 $15 Upgrade Confirmed, Runs June 2nd to January 31st

For those eager to upgrade to Windows 8 when it comes out earlier this year, we’ve got good news for you. The rumored $15 upgrade price is in fact the real deal, in a promotion Microsoft is offering from June 2nd to January 31st, 2013. This is definitely an unexpected move from Microsoft, as this is the cheapest upgrade option the company has ever offered for its flagship offering.

For those who upgrade to Windows 8 Pro by purchasing a Windows 7 laptop from Microsoft Stores in order to receive the offer, exclusive on-site workshops will be offered to help customers become more familiar with the changes in Windows 8. In addition to this, the Redmond giant is offering a $20 Microsoft Store gift card for anyone who attends these events. With the price so low, I expect plenty of consumers will be happy to upgrade to Windows 8. How do you feel? Will you be jumping on this exclusive offer?

[via The Verge]

  • Guess that I will be upgrading all my devices this fall after all! Good to see Microsoft got the memo about competitively pricing their os.