25% of Xbox LIVE Games are not Compatible with 256MB Devices


After reporting that Nokia pulled Skype from the Lumia 610 for its low memory, we’ve got some more bad news for those Tango 256MB devices. AAWP scoured the marketplace to discover which apps were incompatible with 256MB devices. Of the apps tested, they found 1,387 apps were barred, which equates to only 1.6% of the total marketplace. While that doesn’t sound too bad, the concentration of these apps was high end games, with nearly 25% Xbox LIVE games not allowed.

If you’re looking at purchasing a Windows Phone, keep this in mind if the low-end Tango devices appeal to you. For only $50 on contract you could have a Lumia 900 which is the flagship experience for Windows Phone right now.

[via WMPU]

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