Will Notifications for Skype Make Their Appearance in Windows Phone 7.5?

Skype for Windows Phone is a buggy mess right now, despite dropping its beta tag nearly a month ago. The application cannot even run on the 256MB Tango devices that Microsoft deemed necessary in order to capture the low-end market and all efforts by Nokia to force the application to run on its own Lumia 610 have failed. All the while through the issues, the development team at Skype has been silent.

A spokesperson speaking to the New York Times said that the shortcomings of Skype would be addressed on the platform, but no information was given in regards to current gen phones. One would expect that Skype would be fixed as a platform and ready to go for the release of Windows Phone 8, but given the current state of the software, perhaps that’s unlikely. This is a sad state of affairs for a Microsoft owned property to perform worst on its own mobile platform with no relief in sight due to engineering constraints and the mess of Skype’s infrastructure.

[via New York Times]

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