Facebook could purchase Nokia to create their Facebook phone

Let’s mark this one “scary and unlikely.” The rumors of Facebook creating their own phone are back again in full force, and this time around they are even crazier. The managing director of Mobile Network Group says that Facebook could buy Nokia to be the manufacturer of the FacePhone. This is what he had to say:

“Facebook will launch the FacePhone. And whether it has a blue color and a logo with a big F on it, it will definitely be disruptive. Even at this moment, Facebook doesn’t know what it will look like, but they need to do it. Facebook needs somebody with an understanding of networking, technology, carrier relationships and logistics. They can acquire one of these two players [Nokia / RIM] for not a lot of money.”

That might sound like it makes a lot of sense, but let’s remember that Nokia has already essentially been bought by Microsoft. Do we really think that Redmond is going to allow Facebook to snatch up Nokia? We have a hard time believing RIM would accept an offer for a buyout either. If Facebook really wants to make a phone they are going to have to look elsewhere.

[via WPCentral]

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