It’s Developer Appreciation Month!

June is officially Developer Appreciation Month at WinSource and we’ve got some HUGE announcements planned!

Developers, Developers, Developers. We’ve heard it time and time again, and for good reason. Developers are the lifeblood of every successful mobile platform today. With Android and iOS clear marketshare winners and BlackBerry and WebOS on the verge of self-destruction, Windows Phone has a huge opportunity.

The world needs more than 2 mobile operating systems and Microsoft has truly created a beautiful and unique product, made even stronger with a powerful partnership with Nokia. But the fact remains: Windows Phone’s rise to power will only come with massive support from the development community. We’re taking the month of June not only to celebrate all of the Windows Phone Developers who have helped make Windows Phone the next great mobile OS, but also to encourage new developers to join the ranks.

So what can you expect during Developer Appreciation Month?

  • Developer Contest with $5,000 in prizes!
  • Exclusive content from featured developers including app announcements, app/game reviews, price drops, guest posts, and more.
  • Tutorials, Case Studies, and content geared towards indie developers
  • Interviews with Windows Phone Developers of all sizes and success levels.
  • Two entirely new website sections created specifically for developers

There will be some more big announcements today, and of course all month long, so stay glued to for one of the most exciting months in Windows Phone history. And thanks again to all of the developers whose combined contributions make Windows Phone what it is… the world’s best mobile platform.

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