Microsoft needs to get a hold on the Marketplace, and this is why

Let’s be perfectly honest, the Marketplace needs some work. Even the most devout Windows Phone fan can admit that. Tapitude is a successful game, but should it be the top result for every search? Should the “Related” tab show a list of 10 Xbox Live games no matter what game you look at? Should apps with good intentions get rejected while “strip” and “girl, girls, girls” apps are so readily available? The answer to all those questions is no.

The picture above shows why.

For those of you who have kids you probably know that they love playing with touchscreen phones. That’s why the Marketplace has it’s fair share of kid games, but finding them could bring some not too pleasant results to your childs eyes. Just doing a simple search for “peekaboo” brings up some apps with scantily clad women.

This is the problem. Apps for the site 4chan are rejected left and right because there is the potential to see inappropriate things while using them. So how does an app with a naked lady as the icon get approved? Microsoft needs to get on top of this immediately.

[via Reddit]

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    how do you know she is nekkid? Been getting those apps?