Asus Transofrmer AiO: A 18.4″ All-in-one Windows 8 PC that dual boots Android 4.0

Asus is really experimenting with different form factors at this years Computex show. The Asus Transformer AiO is perhaps the most bizarre of the bunch.

At first glance the AiO just seems to be a normal all-in-one Windows 8 PC. It has an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, and an 18.4″ multitouch display. But that is where the “normal” ends. The large 18.4″ display can actually be removed and used as an Android 4.0 tablet.

This is a very interesting design and function decision. Windows 8 is supposed to be great for tablets, and Asus has already shown some Win8 tablets, so we’re not sure why they decided to put Android on the AiO. Plus an 18.4″ tablet is not very easy to carry around. We don’t really see many use cases for the tablet mode unless you’re an artist. No word on price or availability yet.

[via The Verge]

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